Parent-child activities are offered free of charge to parents and children all year round. They allow parents to develop parenting skills while promoting the development of the parent-child relationship. The activities stimulate the child’s overall development and provide parents with the tools they need to apply the tips learned at home and in daily life. 

Another advantage of this service is that it helps to break isolation and create mutual aid and support networks between parents.


“The first time I entered Famijeunes, I immediately felt welcomed with open arms! This community organization allowed me to be supported by committed workers and listened to without judgment by sympathetic parents. Thanks to this center, which created an environment of exchange and comfort, I was able to find a balance in order to blossom within my own family. Thank you for being there!”


Breastfeeding halt

This activity offered in collaboration with the CLSC and NourriSource is above all a place of support, information and exchanges. The goal of these meetings is to break the isolation of mothers and to get breastfeeding support. Nurses from the CLSC are present to answer parents’ questions about the health and well-being of their infants.

Parent-child games and exercises (JEEP)

A great way to move, play and connect! The overall goal of JEEP is to enable parents to develop their sense of parenting competence through play. At JEEP, we offer parent-baby physical activities, activities that stimulate children’s motor development, in addition to games, songs and discussions.

Lots of fun!

Baby sings

This activity is very popular with members. It encourages the development of the parent-child bond through rhymes, songs, motor exercises, and group games. There is also a lot of discussion among members.