Mission and Values

Our mission

Famijeunes is an organization in the St-Henri neighbourhood that welcomes families from the southwestern part of Montreal to support them in enriching their family situation. In a supportive environment, our interdisciplinary team advocates an intervention approach that encourages the recovery of individual, family and collective powers, in collaboration with the community.

Our values

  • Consideration: The person is whole and important – An attentive and respectful conduct with each person – Adaptation of interventions depending on the situation
  • Reception: Availability, human warmth, listening and flexibility – Valuation of what the person brings ;
  • Empowerment: Accompaniment in the discovery or development of a hidden or ignored potential – Reinforcement of self-confidence and self-confidence in one’s own life and in one’s own life esteem – Awareness of one’s power to act and freedom of choice ;
  • Openness: Listening to individuals according to their particularities, their needs, and being at the rhythm of their progress. Non-judgment.
  • Fairness: A treatment adjusted for all people, according to their needs and their situation.
  • Mutual Aid: Recognition and pooling of each person’s resources, skills and experiences for the benefit of individuals, the group and the community.
  • Ethics: Confidentiality – Respect for the rules and values of the organization.

Our Philosophy

Famijeunes’ intervention philosophy stems from its mission and is shared by all those who work and collaborate with the organization. Four main principles guide the intervention philosophy of our organization:
  1. Empowering parents through mutual aid and exchange, with the support of a multidisciplinary team.
  2. Parents have the potential and capacity to educate, love and protect their children.
  3. The family is the first environment for the person and the development of the child.
  4. The optimal development of children is compromised without the active involvement of their parents.