Family Activities

Have fun with families

Family activities are designed to invite parents to have fun experiences with their children in a setting other than that of everyday life. They also allow parents to forge meaningful bonds with other parents who attend Famijeunes.


“The first time I entered “Famijeunes”, I immediately felt welcomed with open arms! This community organization allowed me to be supported by committed workers and listened to without judgment by warm parents. Thanks to this center, which created an environment of exchange and comfort, I was able to find a balance in order to blossom within my own family. Thank you for being there!”


Examples of activities

  • Wednesday evenings with the family
    Wednesday Evening Family Workshops are held weekly with a different theme including a dinner and a parent-child activity. They aim to reach families with children 5-12 who we have less opportunity to see during the day and to allow them to have a good time with their family.
  • Hockey nights
    These evenings allow you to get moving while having a good time with your family around a beloved sport in Quebec: hockey! We also offer dinner.
  • Indoor parks
    The indoor park has a course with several obstacles, as well as beams, tunnels, slides, hoops, carpets for rolling and a ball pool. Children 0-5 years old can run at their own pace and play with their parents, even if it is cold outside! A great way to move while having fun.
  • Holidays
    We love to celebrate. At Halloween and Christmas, we organize original and memorable activities that cater to all ages.
  • Apple picking
    Fall is a great time to enjoy the fresh air with a trip to the orchard. On the way back, our apple bags are well filled to make good homemade recipes!