Father-child Activities

Dad-child activities are offered free of charge to fathers and their children all year round. Their main objective is to value the role of the father and promote his importance in the family. Through a variety of activities, we allow fathers to spend quality time with their children and encourage the development of the father-child bond.

Daddy-Baby Massage

This workshop is co-facilitated by a specialized paternity worker in massages for young infants and the social worker for Famijeunes fathers. Massages promote good digestion, blood circulation and the strengthening of family bonds. In small groups, dads are invited to learn how to massage their babies, but also some adapted exercises and little tricks to help relieve certain ailments (gas, colic, congestion). It’s a wonderful time to get to know your baby’s body language and create a strong bond with him or her.

Individual support for fathers

We offer a support service for fathers in collaboration with a specialized paternity worker. On average, about sixty fathers obtain support, listening and referral to resources with Famijeunes annually.

Dad activities with me

Various fun father-child workshops to spend quality time with the family.